Not Just Another Ordinary Girl


I’m just a regular girl. Jezhabelle told me and Dave when we did a three-way with her. No, not a XXX scene. Jezhabelle didn’t want to do hardcore. I mean a two-on-one video interview. She was a lot of fun and laughed a lot. She was cool with filling her pussy with big toys, and that was fine. Hardcore is not for everyone. We guessed Jezhabelle fucked a lot, just not on camera. Jezhabelle called herself an ordinary girl from Florida, but I didn’t buy any of that. She’s bigger-than-life. I could go to Marlins Park or any place that gets a big crowd and never spot any girl who comes close to her fantastic body. I mean, she was stacked like the breakfast plate special at the International House of Hooters. “I go to the beach, eat out, go to the movies,” she said. “If you hang out in South Florida around Fort Lauderdale, chances are you’ll run into me! “I danced at all the clubs. This guy Mario was hanging out in the club. He’s one of your talent scouts, a photographer who likes to find girls and does nightclub advertising. Anyways, he was always at the club taking pictures, and he told me, ‘With those boobs, I can show them to the guys at Voluptuous,’ and I was like, ‘Sure!’ I like taking pictures. That’s why I posed the first time, because I love being in pictures. I’m a picture person. I’m not really an exhibitionist. I just like the attention.” Even though she didn’t want to try hardcore on camera, Jezhabelle sure liked watching it. “I have to tell you, my favorite part of watching porn is the cum shot. I have like a thousand tapes under my bed, and my favorite part of any scene is when the guy is cumming on her face. I love seeing it spurt out and splash all over her face and tits. I swear, I wear my pocket rocket out watching porn.”

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