Daylene Rio: Mamazon Takes On Jmac


This scene from the multi-platinum DVD Mamazon is a true clash of the sex titans as big-titted, big-assed, curvy Latina Daylene Rio takes on big-dicked JMac. Daylene is in complete control at the outset as she ravages her captive with her mouth, tongue and tits, but he soon takes over, fucking her pussy hard and cumming on her face and tits. He was actually aiming for her tits, but, intentionally or not, Daylene’s chin got in the way. Not that she was complaining. Mamazon was one of our most-lavish and ambitious feature films ever, shot with a huge budget. The actual location of the Mamazon jungle was north of the Florida Keys, and our set designer did an incredible job of making it look foreign and exotic. In the movie, a group of male explorers come across an ancient tribe of Mamazons. They’re all super-busty. Their leader is Alexis Silver. The other members of the tribe are Daylene, Rachel Love, Alia Janine, Shyla Shy and Kali West. As Elliot wrote on SCORELAND, “Having never seen a man before, the Mamazons spend their recreational hours in tribal group activities, licking and sucking nipples, licking clits and pussy lips and any other female body part that feels good.” Then the explorers come along and the girls discover real cock and fuck the guys’ brains out. Daylene is one of my favorite SCORE Girls ever. I love that she pumped up her tits and her ass so she could turn-on men and do fuck movies. She’s sexy, playful and fun. One time for the SCORELAND Blog, I shot a video of her getting fucked, and another time, she gave me a lapdance on the set of SCOREtv. That segment was never used, but it keeps playing over and over in my mind. I tried my hardest not to cum in my pants, and if Daylene had grinded for another 10 or 20 seconds, I would have failed. Or succeeded, depending on your point of view. But the director called “Cut!” and my lapdance was over. Daylene once told us she likes to watch her videos. “It’s like you can’t believe it’s you,” she said. “It’s like, ‘Wow, is that really me?’ and it just gets me more pumped up to want to do it more, and I get a whole rush once I see myself, knowing that people are at home watching me and jerking off. It’s a different feeling to see myself in the video compared to what I remember when I was actually shooting the scene.” If she’s seeing what we’re seeing, it’s all good.

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