Daylene Meets Mr. Wang Long


The title says it all. With her moves and techniques, if Daylene Rio lived in Asia, she could have been a martial arts star in movies. But instead of kung fu fighting, Daylene uses her lips, hips and nips to pummel Mr. Wang Long. We lucked out that Daylene is hot, has big boobs, became a lap dancer and then saw SCORE magazine in 2007, in that exact order. We were the Los Angelina’s first stop on the road to big-bust stardom, and it’s been a horny collaboration since then. We thought so much of Daylene that an all-Daylene DVD was released, XXXTreme Daylene. She’s also in seven other DVDs, including Mamazon. As the host of SCOREtv, my associate Dave got a Daylene lap dance on the set. He’s kept this unseen, unreleased footage under wraps ever since, his grip on the tape tighter than Hank Aaron’s grip on a baseball bat. When it comes to unchained sex drive, no one can best Daylene. She’s a total sex machine. I’ve read that true nymphomania is a myth. I don’t think the sexology researchers who claim this have ever met Daylene. But she’s not a cold, mechanical Hollywood porn sex machine. She’s laid back and always relaxed. I’ve heard some porn stars call their fuck scenes “work.” I’ve never heard Daylene use that word. “I can’t get enough of having my tits out. That’s one of the reasons I love being in SCORE, because I can have my tits out all the time,” Daylene said. She loves giving men lap dances and grinding on their cocks until they explode. She’s not looking for a husband, either. She just loves the sex benefits of marriage with new guys without the paperwork of marriage. Husbands by the pound, I call it. “I’m a dirty whore all the way,” she said. “I wanna have fun. I want to spit all over your cock and suck it. Have it fuck my pussy.” Daylene means it, too. She was meant for porn, not for working in a furniture store.

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