Clash Of The Sex Titans


Here we have a woman and a man who have sex superpowers. They just don’t wear costumes and capes. As long as we’ve known Daylene Rio, she’s been inexhaustible in her scenes. If there’s one guy that viewers constantly ask to see paired off with a girl, that guy is JMac. Daylene and JMac are matched so well, they should have gotten married and we could have recorded the honeymoon night. “I’ve watched my SCORE videos and DVDs by myself, but for some reason when I’m on a date, the guy is always showing me clips of my scenes,” Daylene said during one of her visits. That’s difficult to understand. If you’re actually on a date with Daylene, why would you want to play videos of her with a porn stud? Daylene doesn’t know why either. “Shooting my first scenes at SCORE did change me, in a good way. I am much more open to sex and I think I’m more aggressive now. The sex I’ve had always looks different when I see the video later on compared to when I’m making it. I notice things that I didn’t notice before until I watched it.”

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